David Kyle

We are all Rocket!

David found yoga like most of us; he gave his trust to someone who told him it would be good for him to try it out. The first few experiences with yoga gave David an extremely profound sense of trust. Trust in himself. Yoga has become a deep journey for David, one that pulls at the roots of self-realization. What, When, How, Why, Where…. Everything begins with a question and not everything ends with an answer. David infuses his teachings with a sense of happiness and acceptance of the present moment. Yoga will always bring stillness to the body and mind, which offers that space of happiness and presence.

In 2011, Lua Nox Kyle Sallaberry, was born and followed by Dalai David Kyle Sallaberry in 2012. All of David’s hard work has come to fruition by blessing him with a lovely family and now he understands what is meant by family life being the “7th Series!” Now it is Lua and Dalai that keeps David present as he keeps his sail lifted to the changing winds of life!