Flo Aloha

Flo is originally from Seville (Spain) although she has been living among Central America, Asia & Europe since a very young age.
In 2013, while working and studying in Scotland, a friend took her to a yoga class for the first time and since then, she never stopped practicing. As she studied in India and has experienced different styles from different teachers around the world, her practice and way of teaching is a mix between traditional hatha and ashtanga vinyasa, to a more inclusive and open styles as rocket vinyasa and yin yoga. For her, the main purpose of the asana practice is working towards awareness and equanimity, while being loving & compassionate to our bodies and minds in order to experience freedom and creativity in and out of the mat.
She has always been passionate about the human mind, behavior and existence so along her yoga journey she has also been practicing and studying vipassana meditation & philosophy. Before being a full time yoga teacher & retreat organizer Flo was a social worker and community educator, working with refugees, asylum seekers and migrant people. Over the years she realized that yoga philosophy and meditation were what really help her to understand her mind and our ultimate purpose in life; being love and compassion the answer to absolutely everything. Therefore, she shares this ancestral practice so others can also connect with the love within them and live life to the fullest! She did her first yoga ttc in India in 2017 and her first Rocket ttc in 2022 with Tiago Rocha.

Flo is currently living in Australia